The Moroccan Investment and Export Development Agency (AMDIE) acts as the secretariate of the Inter-ministerial Investment Committee, which is a government body placed under the authority and presidency of the Head of Government. It is in charge of approving investment agreements and contracts requiring a financial contribution from the State or binding it to investors.

The inter-ministerial investment committee is responsible for ruling on investment disputes requiring the arbitration of the head of government, and implementing all necessary measures to improve the investment environment in Morocco. Its tasks include:

  • Providing consultancy and assistance to investors in arranging and optimizing their investment agreement files.
  • Examining investment agreement files.
  • Processing applications to benefit from the advantages provided for by the investment agreements.
  • Monitoring the projects resulting from investment agreements.
  • Handling specific requests, and intermediation between investors and relevant administrations.


Eligible investment projects approved by the Inter-ministerial Investment Committee and established through investment contracts and agreements will benefit from a specific conventional regime in accordance with legal and regulatory provisions in force.

This regime translates into transversal and multi-sectorial advantages which allow:

  • State financial participation in expenses related to:
    • Acquisition of necessary property to carry out the investment program ;
    • External infrastructure necessary for the implementation of this program;
    • Cost of professional training provided for by the investment program.
  • Exemption from import duties and VAT


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