Services of AMDIE

As part of its commitment to the implementation of the State’s strategy to promote investments and exports, the Moroccan Investment and Export development Agency (AMDIE) delivers several public services to economic players investing in Morocco or contributing to the development of the Moroccan exportable supply.


Investment Consultancy services

Whether you are a foreign or national investor, you will benefit from business consultancy services of our specialists. These services will allow you to be well informed about the business environment and the sectorial investment opportunities in Morocco in order to facilitate your feasibility studies. AMDIE will also help you identify eligible public incentive schemes for your investment project and assist you all the way through your market research and competitive benchmark phase.

Support to undertake investment projects in Morocco

In order to successfully set up your business in Morocco, our advisers will support you throughout the investment process. They will also help you develop your business plan and facilitate your administrative procedures, especially those related to benefiting from state incentives.

Networking with partners, suppliers and potential customers

To ensure a good start for your investment project in Morocco, our advisers will bring you together with institutional partners and companies who can facilitate the procedures to set up your business or team up with your project depending on your needs. We will also connect you with potential suppliers and clients.

Offering a project portfolio to investors

AMDIE provides investors, who are in search of a turnkey project, with a data portfolio on existing or potential investment projects.

After care

Our AMDIE teams will ensure your follow-up and support to gather your feedback on the investment process in Morocco and the obstacles you are facing.


Prospecting new international clients

AMDIE aspires to develop Moroccan exports. Thus, it involves exporters in promoting Morocco in international fairs and exhibitions. Our teams also organize networking events and B2B business meetings for exporters.

Networking Moroccan exporters with foreign contractors and institutional players in target markets

In order to facilitate your access to international markets, our sectorial advisers will bring you together with potential international clients, highlight your exportable supply amongst foreign contractors, and introduce you to institutional players in the target markets (chambers of commerce, peer institutions, etc.).

Data on promising foreign markets

As a Moroccan exporter, you will benefit from our studies and investigations on promising foreign markets and potential opportunities. We will also accompany you in expanding your projects in Morocco in order to meet the needs of these target markets.

Internationalization of Moroccan investors

AMDIE will support you in developing your exports, including the incorporation of your business in foreign countries, and will also advise you on investment opportunities in promising markets studied by AMDIE.

Export financing and hedging solutions

Our AMDIE advisers will provide you with relevant information on export financing possibilities, and risk hedging solutions.


Making exhibition spaces at the disposal of national and foreign organizers

AMDIE makes the exhibition spaces of Casablanca International Exhibition Centre at the disposal of national and foreign organizers. This exhibition centre is designed to satisfy all your needs.

Organization of investment and export events

AMDIE takes part in organizing events aiming at prospecting national and international investors who have the potential to export out of Morocco.

Providing our expertise to exhibitors at national and international fairs

If you are an exhibitor, our specialized teams will advise you on prospecting national and international events.


Do you need help investing, exporting or importing from Morocco? The AMDIE teams are at your disposal to support you step by step.

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