A Word from the Director

Hicham Boudraa – Directeur Général AMDIE – Morocco Now

Hicham BOUDRAA  

Acting General Manager of the Moroccan
Investment and Export Development Agency (AMDIE)

« Morocco … Now »

Invest, export and promote: three key levers to ensure company growth. Beyond these levers, a country's economic environment must exhibit many assets to guarantee success for its projects and promote the country’s business climate.  Through its brand Morocco Now, the kingdom values a whole set of different and attractive sectoral ecosystems, which today meet this fair measure. Morocco has become in two decades a real land of opportunities.  The country's economic boom, forward-looking vision, political stability and geographical location are all assets that the kingdom has been strengthening since the accession of HM King Mohammed VI, may God assist him, to the Throne. A total of 20 years of construction has ushered the country into a phase of economic acceleration marked by bold and structural reforms, visionary sectoral strategies and a far-reaching transformation of infrastructure which have shaped the beginnings of a stable and very promising economy. With a young and dynamic population trained according to the highest international standards, Morocco is at a turning point in terms of its economic offer. The Kingdom is rolling out an ambitious industrial acceleration plan that has earned it the trust of the world's largest operators in highly strategic sectors (aeronautics, automotive, etc.).

Morocco Now is the brand that embodies the culmination of the Moroccan economic offer’s maturation process, boosting this acceleration phase. It constitutes a strong expertise, products with the best international standards, an extremely competitive offer and a gateway to a promising African market. Morocco Now is the sum of all these assets and the commitment of an entire nation on the path of acceleration benefiting the companies that dare to see today’s Morocco . 

The AMDIE  team (Moroccan Investment and Export Development Agency), is composed of investment, export and promotion professionals. It puts all of its expertise at your disposal, in order to help you materialize your investment, export and promotion projects in a favorable business climate. The involvement, listening and responsiveness of the AMDIE team will support you in the discovery of a bold and promising economy.

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