Internationalization of Moroccan Companies

The decision to internationalize the business activity in foreign markets is a strategic turning point in the life of a company. If you operate in the exporting business, the Moroccan Investment and Export Development Agency (AMDIE) can provide you with strategic support through a wide range of services aimed at facilitating export procedures. Moreover, the agency will also support your plans to go international and set up your business in a foreign country.

Going international and investing abroad

To invest abroad and set up a company in an international market, a Moroccan investor should:

  • Inquire about Moroccan regulations on the transfer of investment capital from your bank advisor and relevant authorities, namely the Exchange Office.
  • Study target foreign markets and promising sectors for investment. AMDIE provides operators with market information and business intelligence on promising foreign markets.
  • Identify potential partners and competitors, banking institutions (The presence of a subsidiary of a Moroccan bank would be an advantage), technical and institutional support (Economic services of the Embassies of the Kingdom of Morocco) in the foreign country.
  • Seek information about the procedures to follow to set up a business, repatriate capital and profits, and take advantage of tax incentives in the relevant country. AMDIE has a large network of public partners in several international markets that can help you gather information on the procedures to follow to incorporate your company abroad.

AMDIE, a key partner to internationalize your business

AMDIE develops, organizes and undertakes several actions to promote the Moroccan exportable offer in international markets. To reach this goal, B2B missions are undertaken on key markets and business events (Trade fairs and economic and business forums, etc.). These missions are examined and selected in collaboration with Moroccan exporters and investors.
As part of these business development actions to prospect new markets, the agency provides consulting, as well as technical and logistical support needed by export companies participating in these programs.

AMDIE gives several technical trainings on global and sectorial issues in relation with international trade and export. The goal is to support exporters and companies undergoing the internationalization process in acquiring or improving the required skills and know-how to meet the requirements of target markets.

To allow for export development to strengthen the presence of the “Made in Morocco” label in regional and international markets, several technical and financial support programs are made available to exporters and companies aiming to internationalize their activity and set up their business abroad.


Do you need help investing, exporting or importing from Morocco? The AMDIE teams are at your disposal to support you step by step.

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