In addition to the implementation of sectorial national strategies to create a favorable investment environment, Morocco paves the way for investors to implement their services and start their activities while being accompanied along the way.


1. Contact and information

Prise de contact avec l’AMDIE – Morocco Now

Whether you are a foreign or Moroccan investor, the Moroccan Investment and Export Development Agency (AMDIE) welcomes you to its premises in Morocco, its offices abroad and in diplomatic representations of your country in Morocco. Thanks to this contact, we provide you with quantitative and qualitative information (particularly tax, customs, administrative, sectorial and financial information) that will help you in your investment and incorporation in Morocco. AMDIE would also refer you to appropriate Regional Investment Centers and accompanies you in your choices regarding regional and sectorial investments.

2. Preparation of investment file

As an investor wishing to launch your activities in Morocco, your investment file should include :

  • A feasibility study
  • A market study
  • Economic and environmental impact surveys
  • Financial, human and material resource needs
  • The financing plan

Investors could also opt for consulting to choose the best legal status of their future business.

Dossier d’investissement – Morocco Now

3. Setting the company

Création d’entreprise – Morocco Now

To set up a company, investors should undertake a number of steps, including the application for the negative certificate, the establishment of by-laws and subscription statements, the submission of incorporation and registration documents, the enrollment in business tax and obtaining a tax identifier, the registration in the trade register, the affiliation with the national social security fund (CNSS), and the publication of the incorporation in the official gazette. These steps can also be undertaken online through the digital services of the Regional Investment Centers (CRI: Centre Régional d’Investissement):

After choosing the legal status of the incorporated company, investors are invited to create their company.

4. Submission of the investment file

For investment projects falling within the framework of the contractual scheme, the investor signs an investment agreement after approval of the project by the Investment Commission and benefits from AMDIE ’s support throughout implementation, disbursement and follow-up phases of the project.

Investment projects qualified to enter the conventional regime must meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Invest an amount equal to or greater than 100 Million Dirhams ;
  • Create a stable number of jobs equal to or greater than 250 ;
  • Ensure technology transfer ;
  • To take place in one of the provinces or prefectures provided for by decree no. 2-98-520 of 5 Rabii I 1419 (June30, 1998) ;
  • Contribute to safeguarding the environment.


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