Success Stories

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Renault Group

“Morocco has made the strategic choice to develop its renewable energies and reduce its carbon footprint. This decarbonization project will allow industries to gain in competitiveness. It will be a structuring element in the years to come, and it is totally in line with our vision.”   Renault Group CEO, Luca De Meo


“We have worked very hard to develop our supplier base in order to ensure that the added value and the technology necessary to make this impressive car is available in the Kingdom of Morocco. I can proudly say that the results we are obtaining today, both in our factory and at the level of our partners and suppliers, exceed our expectations.”
Carlos Tavares, CEO of Stellantis


“This MoU has been a great success as we have been able to integrate 11 suppliers including 2 that supply Boeing directly. These early successes have demonstrated that the Kingdom of Morocco offers excellent value for money and sets it apart from many other countries. We believe that together we can meet the challenges of global aviation and support the long-term growth objectives of both Morocco and Boeing.”
Stan Deal, President & CEO Boeing Commercial Airplanes

Sabca-Pilatus PC12

bloc aero 6

“Pilatus trusted us after an international competition, in which we were able to demonstrate that Sabca Maroc was the most competitive, the most qualified in terms of quality, work capacity but also confidence, motivation of the teams and their ability to achieve this goal.”
Thibauld Jongen, CEO, SABCA

Spirit Aerosystems

“The Moroccan aviation industry is firmly anchored in global value chains. Major international players have invested here, setting up a very competitive industrial platform. Established in Morocco since 2013, we have benefited from highly qualified human resources, very competitive manufacturing costs and great support from the government. ”
Stephen Orr VP -GM, Spirit AeroSystems Morocco