Agri-food industry

A powerful sector with worldwide opportunities

Morocco a competitive platform to Source, Transform & Export​

The Agri-food industry is an emblematic sector of the Moroccan economy, with over $17 Bn annual revenue, and more than 161,000 jobs.

Within the Moroccan journey to reach internalization, several foreign companies invested in the country attracted by the market potential and governmental incentives.

The sector is dynamic and resilient which ensure the supply of local and export market with competitive products,reinforcing its strong position and worldwide growth.

A strategic sector of the Moroccan Economy

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Investment 2014-2020
Export Turnover 2019

Innovative, Green and Structured Upstream securing easy access to local sourcing

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Irrigation capacity extension :+ 288% in 10 years
Digitalized agriculture (Development of Agriculture 4.0, use of Internet of Things-IoT, sensors, etc.)

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• National agriculture plan « Green Generation » 2020 – 2030 promotes sustainable agriculture practices :

Use of renewable energy
Use of soil conservation techniques
State incentives for organic agriculture

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Successful and well-organized aggregators
supported by government incentives
Aggregators’ success stories in dairy and sugar industries

Moroccan products are referenced in major international distribution chains with global certificates labels, thanks to the latest generation technologies

Top priority sectors with global opportunities

Processing of CITRUS,
fruits & vegetables

Growth of Moroccan exports to Europe
& Usa for frozen and processesd F&V

Availability of over 650 varieties of Fruits & Vegetables


Morocco is one of the main suppliers of dairy products in West Africa
Strong Milk production with
2.6 billion liters

Pasta and couscous industry

Strong export potential to all continents

A 93% increase of national exports to Middle-East from 2018 to 2020

Olive oil

Morocco is a major worldwide exporter
of olive oil

Sourcing availability: 140k tons of olive oil produced each year

Processed Meat

Local increasing market of charcuterie
& minced meat patty

Strong potential export to halal market


Export opportunities in Middle-East
and Africa due to a high demand

Moroccan exports to Middle-East increased by 71 % from 2018 to 2020

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